Consider a walk around the picturesque, paved alleys of Plaka that will take you on an unprecedented trip filled with perennial images of nostalgic memories that bring to mind the most characteristic visuals of Greek beauty and historicity? Plaka is not called “the neighborhood of Gods” without reason, as it resembles a magical oasis in the heart of Athens, surrounded by ancient monuments that have a history of over 3,500 years and gorgeous, restored neoclassical buildings, which exude a sense of magnificence, enchantment from a different era and subsequent warmth within your soul.

Plaka is situated in the most scenic spots of Athens, under the shade of the ever watchful Acropolis, tinging it with its atmospheric beauty, its special architecture, the vibrant, colorful flower gardens and the view of the vast horizon that instantly magnetizes you from every vantage point.

Plaka is not accessible by car, which is quite fortunate for visitors, thus maintaining its exclusive personality and offering the chance to discover the area’s treasures in every step, with no distractions. It is precisely here where a beautiful journey into Greek history and culture begins, since the area is full of famous monuments, from ancient temples and Byzantine churches to the infamous Herodion theatre, the Roman Agora and of course the Acropolis rock. Wander in the quaint Anafiotika, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Plaka, which exudes an almost Cycladic air and is full of life throughout the day, or explore the famous Monastiraki, just a few minutes away. The port of Piraeus is a half an hour drive away, while the airport is 45 minutes away.

Tourist shops and stores, beautifully decorated taverns and lounge bars constitute a colourful background to an unforgettable holiday setting which is harmoniously combined with scenic views with every walk you take in the busy, yet surprisingly alluring streets of Plaka.

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